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Saint Peters Community Pharmacy customizes and personalizes prescriptions to meet your healthcare needs.  Whether your looking for a compounded medication or a retail prescription, our pharmacists are here to individualize therapy based on your medical history.  Come meet our pharmacy team today to see why independent pharmacies consistently provide exceptional customer service. 


At Saint Peters Community Pharmacy we provide the service you deserve, from the pharmacy family you can trust.




We provide compounding services in order to fulfill your individual health care needs that traditional prescription medications cannot meet. The personalized medications are made by a professionally trained and licensed pharmacist in compounding. At Saint Peters Commuity Pharmacy, our pharmacists will work closely with your doctor to ensure your customized medication solution is met. 


FREE Children's Multivitamin Program

It’s so easy! Just stop by Saint Peter’s Community Pharmacy and fill out the registration form. Return once a month for your free bottle of vitamins! Children ages 2-16 are eligible for the program. We are enrolling 400 children this year so hurry while supplies last! Feel free to bring your prescription with you when you pick up your vitamins too!!

Free Children's Multivitamin Program


Free Home Delivery

With Saint Peters Community Pharmacy Home Delivery Service, you can have your long-term or specialty medications you need delivered straight to your door.​ 

Save money and time on your medication by having it delivered and avoiding the nuisance of waiting in store for for a prescription pickup. We understand that it may not be easy for patients to make it to our pharmacy, and we are pleased to offer this FREE service for your convenience.


Diabetic Supplies And Education


Our pharmacist is pleased to offer you his clinical expertise in your diabetes management. With his clinical knowledge, he can provide you with the necessary counseling to maximize your self-care and quality of life. The importance of nutrition, physical activity, appropriate medication use, monitoring and goal-setting are just a few areas of discussion to help improve self-care. Utilizing diabetic testing supplies can also be a daunting task. Our pharmacist is here to help you with any questions or concerns.


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